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Grida starts as an experimental project to train concept and storyboarding on a random fantasy environment. It little by little became a special thing where to experiment with topics of my liking. Now Grida remains in pause and will resume work in some time when I see myself with enough resources to start a campaign over it.

Grida is a short story of a female character that has to endure the harshness of life and the unfairness of her natural environment. This project seeks to play with hard contrasts of character evolution through out the story, as she develops from a sweet little farm girl to a frenetic schizophrenic murderous warrior that has forgotten her true reason of hating. Plus, the story is greatly influenced by music, specifically by the genre of Black Metal which sets a cold razor blade feel to the story telling, making it unique and in my opinion, something I would like to see in the big screen sometime.


Some inspirational music that goes with the project: