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I'm a concept artist and illustrator focused on table top and video games for the entertainment industry. I'm also a professional Industrial Designer graduated in 2012 from PUCV, right out of one of the most important Architecture and Design schools of my country(e.[ad]). I finished my studies successfully only to pursue a career as a Concept Artist for the rising game industry here in Chile.

Is my main goal to help create new and original worlds where gamers and viewers can get lost through its storytelling and its artistic background. Helping create an unique experience is what drives me forward and working with a team of other professionals a natural environment that I prefer over lone wolf freelancing. I like to maintain my role as an asset or to lead and direct when needed.

My inspiration comes from music and nature itself. Grown up in the south of Chile surrounded by forest and wildlife that nurtured my imagination by day dreaming about fantasy and epic stories.

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Available for freelance and in-house with relocation.