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Snake Oiler Extraordinaire

Briefing from the client:
"A liar and charlatan, sleazy in the extreme and greasy in all the wrong places, the
Snake Oiler Extraordinaire is a salesman and con-artist, peddling his wares from his
cart with the flair of a circus ringleader. This obtuse, balding man is far from healthy
looking- he sports boils and sores that do little to assure audiences of the validity of his
products, yet he wears upper class garb in the form of a frock coat tightly-stretched
around his stomach, a top hat, clean breeches and fine shoes. He smiles, sneering as
he holds up a bottle of his snake oil, the cart he stands on bearing shelves of the same
and other, more questionable items. He is lower-class scum masquerading as upper-
class retail, clean yet filthy and not even remotely trustworthy."

Owned by Samuel Nolton.

Felipe fesbra escobar snake oiler extraordinaire


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