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Phaser Cat

The Phaser Cat is a type of planar creature that finds its entry into the material world through nature itself, it visits frequently jungles and humid hot places that can sustain its body in this realm for a longer time. Back to its own plane, the cat will hunt and recuperate as its stay in the material world will drain it little by little. The Phaser Cat can maintain itself in the material world for over 3 days depending on the humidity and temperature of the place. This type of interplanar creature is a very rare sight, but every time it's less and less frequent to see them, since the industrialization and growth of human cities consumes and invades its temporary habitat. Last sight of a Phaser Cat was recorded 47 years ago by a family member of a small human clan living in the edge of the jungle. The witness claimed that he was collecting some wood for small repairs when in the distance he saw the creature standing passively looking straight at him for a full minute. Then it turned

Felipe fesbra escobar phaser cat