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Where None Have Yet Traveled

This was a work I thought to be dead as I went along with it. Started as a very simple idea of a character portrait. A you can see by the sketches I did many abstracts that talked about this character facing this environment that's completely new to him/her. I chose one of them and went on just creating a yellow character in a cold background. Wanted to fully concentrate on expression and such. Colors where randomly picked. Just... for real. I wanted to do a yellow dude. That's it. So everything else would have to play along with that. SA I went forward I realized that the topic was boring. Expression was not enough and character lacked expression and there was something that made the whole painting pretty boring. This went for weeks as I tried to paint everything I could. Finally I realized the problem was the orb in the hand that wasn't drawing any attention. It wasn't interesting. Therefore the painting didn't have any reason to be. So I played with other shapes and then realized I could do just a creature floating in the hands. Would make so much more sense and would unite the piece. Immediatly though of Cutulhu or some squid thingy and ... mr tentacly there was created... Made it color match with the sky plus the tentacles make sense with the swirling of the sky too, creating this feel of being in it's own environment.
This piece is completely vague and I though I would have to just abandon it and trash it in the "lost pieces" folder, but thanks to Donato and the rest of the class I managed to pull it off.
Never give up. Everything can have its own purpose. Not great. But there it is.

Felipe escobar where none have yet traveled
Felipe escobar where none have yet traveled abstracts

Abstracts and annotations

Felipe escobar where none have yet traveled 02

rough concept

Felipe escobar where none have yet traveled 02 color

getting into color

Felipe escobar where none have yet traveled 02 finalizing

changes based on Donato's corrections. Told me to be more inclusive with the character.

Felipe escobar where none have yet traveled not finished yet

semifinal. This is where I dropped the towel and damned it to obliteration. Donato helped me again with some more adjustments and made me go further into something i didn't wanted to. ... Worked.