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Guardian of Chaos

"Man is an animal of order born under natural chaos. Man dies too under natural chaos. Whatever Man does between those chaotic events has to do with its intellectual concept of order and construction. Man creates, but Man destroys and overcomes Nature by its own creations. Man is an enemy of Nature and so Nature makes war on Man. The son fights the father for its own thought. Mental freedom. But after all, Man cannot avoid to feel that its own creations oppress its soul and concept of the spawn of Nature it is. Man will fight nature its entire life, like any other animal, but if Man does not come to peace with its root, than Man will perish and fade into oblivion.
Because nature is Chaos.
And Chaos... reigns."

- The True Words of Aromm on World Order and Disorder.

Personal illustration that depicts the human condition as originated from natural state of chaos. Created and inspired by the sound of Wardruna, song titled Ansur.

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