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Sea Monster

"When I was little I was terrified of the ocean, the open sea, any water surface in which I couldn't see the bottom, like murky lakes and that kind of stuff, right? But my dad shook it out of me with a strong hand. You know, we were a fishing village and it wasn't like my life was going to be different from any other people. So every morning he took me out on the boat and went fishing deep sea. Then he forced me to dive into the water, swim like four feet away of the boat, dive and comeback. Rained or with a freezing cold, we always did it. The time came by and I got braver. The fear was diminishing and I could swim several hundreds feet away from the boat and back. I grew up and realized that i had managed to take total control of that fear, it was almost gone, I was an excellent swimmer and I could dive in the most deep, cold, dark waters. My father was proud of me. I was happy.
Who would have known...
who... "

Challenge of topic "sea monster". Decided it was a good opportunity for me to get on with a single storytelling image.

Sea monster