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Smoked Opal Cat

Ohhhh it's the Smoked Opal Cat. And you don't wanna get to face this little kitty even if you are getting a godlike level any time soon. This animal is amazingly intelligent and wise. Not to say magical. Which is the least of your problems cause Smoked Opals are legal evil. And they will do anything to get what they want.

Smoked Opals history is vague. There's not much written about them but theories of mages and scholars that specialize into psychic beings. They are very powerful illusionists as they are also great mind controllers. And they'll bend your will against your friends and use you for even further plans they might have. They are egoistic beings and think only on themselves, but they're so smart that they will make you think that you are actually the evil character and they are only trying to serve a greater good that you cannot even comprehend. The great question about this is if they're right. What then?
Smoked Opals are extremely rare. So much that in the last 5 hundred years not a living soul has seen one. Or so we'd like to believe. Most of the information comes from ancient writings on manuscripts that are believed to have been commanded to be written by great Opals in order to fulfill their narcissistic needs. There's the story of K'haddlum et Raak-Lejiahm, a Great Smoked Opal that lived 3 thousand years ago and enslaved an entire civilization that worshiped it like a God. Only little remains and ruins are left from this. But it's reign lived almost for 6 centuries, which means that they can live longer than that.
Nobody knows how much they live. Nobody knows if they're still around. But what do we know? That there's a story of a group of adventurers that in one of their travels into a mountain, they felt down a huge cliff by an accident and landed into a complex of chambers and corridors way under the mountain. At the end they managed to get out unharmed, they never encountered anything. "The place was huge!" they said. But the only strange thing they saw, was what they thought to be "a little white eye floating around at a distance with black fumes coming out of it". The strange thing? They cannot remember which mountain it was.

Felipe escobar smoked opal cat