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The Red Cauldron

The Red cauldron is a dwarven fortress up in the mountains that has the shape of the half of a circle, creating the shape of a huge cauldron from below. The mining and industrial activities of the fortress also help the name of the place with constant fumes and vapors that come out exhaust tubes and windows day and night. The Red Cauldron is an iron made fortress, thus the red of the rust of the material. It also has multiple tunnels below the mountain and conects directly with the Underdark, where the brave dwarven people keep at bay invasions from Drow and Duergar alike. It is presumed that the this huge fortress is 3 times bigger under the mountain and it harbors thousands of inhabitants. The place also poses a huge aviary of trained giant eagles that help with scouting in the surface.

This was a CGMA work for Environment Design 1 with Aaron Limonick. Great teacher, learned a ton from that guy.

Felipe fesbra escobar the red cauldron fortress by 000fesbra000 daxhzia