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"After she passed away everything was kinda the same. Actually the same day she died we all had this very weird feeling of having her company. Like... she was still among us. Alive you know. Her disease struck quickly. Doctors couldn't tell what was exactly it. Everything just... was suddenly shutting down. Like her body had decided to just go on bankruptcy and shut down all personal. Everything must go. It was a sale out. They said she was just too old and she was dieing of "natural causes". What's that supposed to mean anyway.
I don't know. My grandma was a very special person when she was alive. Never said too much. She kept to herself, like she was hiding something. She was one of those people that just... are. You know. It's like you see your dad and you just cannot see him in other way. Like... to realize he was young once, in love, different. But she. She was... she. I never knew who she loved, what she hated. Who was her in the past. The only thing she once said to me is that she had a friend visiting her sometimes when we were out for the weekend and that she was very smart and special to her. She wouldn't say the name. And we would ask her how was her weekend and she would say calmly "oh it was alright, had my friend coming over" and that was it. "No other details?"...."Nah". We thought she might be getting Alzheimer, but apparently it would show that someone was there. Dishes used, flowers... once we saw a rare little souvenir this "friend" brought. A souvenir, like an Egyptian statue. So we started acting cool with it. You know... everyone has their secrets.

I never realized she was in the picture."

Felipe escobar the nightstand