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Inspiring Angel

Inspiring Angel.
Watts Bootcamp 2019.
At last I managed to squeeze in some time on Wednesday to finish the image I did for the Illustration Bootcamp at the beginning of January. It was my second assistance to the Watts Atelier bootcamp and as enjoyable as the first one with guest illustrator and art director @sheppardarts. Thanks to her and the Watts instructors for making our stay a unique experience. We all learned a ton in that single week and it made me even more excited about my classes that I’m taking this term at Watts.
About the image: This is by far not my favorite image but I wanted to challenge myself with concepts I don’t usually do. Like angels, female anatomy and my national cultural background. So I decided to make a mix of those things and match it to the topic of the challenge that was “Angel of Inspiration”. Can’t wait to do better work than this. I’ve learned so much already and is not even the half of the term. Very excited for what lies in the future.

Felipe fesbra escobar inspiring angel 3